My nose, your friend

Often I like to make the selection of a rum for a friend, a party trick. Figuring out their likes and dislikes, remembering details of a tastings that would make the experience pleasuring to them and walking them through it.

Last time was at a beach side lounge restaurant in the Rhum Island. He is German and Burkinabe, and she is martinican. He likes dry spirits and is more of a whisky drinker really. She is quiet and has no real appreciation of the craft beyond the elation stemming from alcohol in general.

I selected a Depaz XO cuvée du Grand Saint Pierre for the gentleman and Saint-James 2000 Vintage for the lady. I will be having a JM 2003, one of my favorites. But here is the trick :  how do we  know which is which once the waiter brings our generously endowed snifters, they ask skeptically. Challenge accepted !!

The stronger esthers will give way to light notes of wood, as if the spirit was young, only to leave the taste buds enchanted with spices and a sort of dryness for long minutes after the sipping. That’s the Depaz character… Saint-James has a softer approach… Essentially, it can make your mouth water of anticipation of the sugar and dried fruits. Of course the robe would be another indicator as it leans towards a browner mahogany colour then the others. JM 2003 is a tease, the sniffing talks volumes about the complexity of aromas between tobacco and white flowers.

Here, three samples properly attributed to their intented customer, now able to enjoy their drink while relaxing and chatting the night away. It’s funny how he remained leaning forward, glass in hand with the energy while she leaned back eyes closed, carefully taking in the sensation.

Another rum moment to remember!