As a concept Rumantics has provided the opportunity to engage with many people who share in the love of Rum. Some of them I have heard of, I may have been lucky enough to share with them experiences of some kind. Here, I tell the tale of those men and women who think and act Rhum and culture.


Around sugarcane, rum, bar and food industry, I meet likeminded people who shape a global community of ethics, rooted in and authentic appreciation for the land. On the many paths of my rumance, I explore the intersections of rum with culture as a whole.


Rum houses and brands

I grew up in the heart of Guadeloupe and Martinique’s terroir, the lands of rhum agricole. Being exposed to brands originating from elsewhere helped me appreciate this heritage. This is an opportunity to go back on the history and geography of Rum worldwide.


The Rum world, not unlike the whisky world before it, is animated by theories, debates and controversies. Engaging with experts and amateurs’ perspectives is an opportunity to develop an outlook of my own and to contribute to the commentary.