Who I am

My name is Jessica and I am a right-brained person that does a decent job at passing for a left-brained one. I suffer from a hard case of desire to understand the world and others. I would rather research than find. And I love getting lost because it is the only way to find what you are not looking for.

I was born at a time when geography and history seemed to be at odds. A time when mental mapping revealed geopolitics rather then a heartfelt sense of belonging. I have the heart as my only compass and a huge appetite for good things.

I love sophisticated and common words alike; those which enhance and those which simply state things as a matter of fact. I love languages which weave bonds between people, for what reveal of our minds. I believe in poetry and the intelligence of the senses. I believe that naming the world is owning the world ; To me, a landscape without men and women is dead.

I listen to learn and speak to materialize dreams. I believe a small step together is better that a fast lonesome one. I inhabit the whole world even if a magnifier is necessary to spot my islands on a global map.

I am a diplomat because I do not suscribe to flags and banners; I like roads, and bridges better; boats and planes are awesome too. I do aesthetics like others do yoga. And I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am an undercover geek, a fake rebel for a true cause, an unwavering lover and a repentant rational being. I design multisensory tasting experiences because to live is to feel and pleasure helps the learning process.

Welcome !