I blog to share what I know of the Rum world, better yet of my world. It  helps explore the many intersections Rum shares with aspects of the cultural and gastronomic life of our land. This blog is the result of a passion, the path in rumance I have taken many years ago. It is mostly the expression of a certainty : understanding tasted multiplies our pleasure !


How does oenology apply to rum ? Many of us are still looking for the adequate word to describe the specific tasting experience provided by Rum. But since, the sense of smell is so deeply rooted within our personal experience, it is a pleasure to share my tasting impressions.



How is Rum to be enjoyed ? What are the new and traditional rituals which reveal the spirit? This is a question I keep finding answers to : moments, words, objects, all-around inspiration which provide insights into the land and its lifestyle



Looking to learn and appreciate rhum as artform and lifestyle has lead me to discover and experiences things I would not have imagined. Storytime is the space where  I share the uncanny or emotional stories and events that fuel my passion.