The blog

I created the blog in 2015 to share my rum discoveries. The immediacy of images (and to be totally honest, the staggering talent of a few photographers) has rapidly overtaken text content and fed into my Instagram, which you can find here.

Blogging has become a way to collect memories gathered as I allowed myself to love rum out loud. The new blog version (2017) aims to steer through the rum world in a personal, almost intimate fashion, sometimes theoretically, sometimes poetically of the Rumance paths, I travel endelessly with an ever renewed pleasure.

To find your way through my wanderings, here is a Q&A guide to the blog contents.

Does rum oenology exist ? 

The answer is a definite yes! I will give it to you rumology sounds rather odd, still it is the point. Two points to keep in mind on the topic: oenology is about smell, and smells relates to sensory memory that is deeply personal. There is therefore no definite right and worng when it comes to tasting, only feelings to be shared. And then, sharing feeling comes with words to describe tastes and emotions. Vocabulary is of the essence, good thing I love words!

Browse through Tastings to access my impressions on multiples references.

What is a Caribbean Rum Lifestyle ? 

Two years ago, I would have said it is hours spent on the road, online and in specialty stores. It holds true today, with a supplement of funny stories, all true, which happened somehow along the way chasing for images, tastes and exchanges. Follow the adventures of the original Rumantics Lady in Storytime

How is Rum best enjoyed ? 

That is other side of rumance. To really appreciate rum caribbean style there are experiences to be had, moments, sounds, places… More often then not objects conjures memories of such moment and provide the inspiration to provide deeper meaning to the spirit. My suggestions on that front are right there in SpiRituals.

Can anyone make sense of the brands ? 

That is the million dollar question! It tastings provide an undertanding of individuals references, only history and an understanding of the rum making process can help steer through marketing to get to authentic rum makers. Producers and independant bottlers are listed in Rum Houses and Brands.

Who are the people who make the rum we love ? 

“No man is an island” and I am lucky enough to meet with rum lovers and makers, people who share in the passion of the caribbean spirit work towards the same goal. Artists or producers, amateurs or industry people, these are the People who account for the caribbean’s beauty and creativity.

What is this rum talk all about  ? 

Experts and connoisseurs worldwide can debate about issues for hours on end. Locally, rum is recurring rum topic. That is because rum highlights what is ethically and economically at stake for producers and consumers alike. We take a step back and discuss these issues in Commentary.